Hashish. Is a strong drug made from flowers of the cannabis plant. Hashish is taken in small amounts, sometimes mixed with another substance like tobacco. The main ingredient is THC, which is what gets you high.
I think its great for medical use. However it can be very addictive. Overall its not a good thing because it can cause brain damage when taken over a long period. It also causes memory loss and can cause paranoia.

Hashish is a cannabis product that is made by removing the resin from marijuana plants. My personal opinion is that I’d rather smoke a joint of marijuana than to take hashish. It’s more convenient and I find the highs to be more pleasant for me.

The word “Hashish” comes from the Arabic word “هشيش” (Hais) which means “to burn”. Hashish is a substance that comes from the leaves, stems and seeds of the cannabis plant. It is often mixed with tobacco and smoked as a cigarette. I think that if it is used in a medicinal context, then it is absolutely fine. I do not approve of the use of Hashish or marijuana as recreational drugs, which people like to smoke to “feel high”.

Medicinal cannabis

I dont know much about this but I hate drugs. Im completely clean. I don’t like the idea of a person losing control of themself.

Good for pain and stress relief but it should be avoided by minors and pregnant women and consumed in moderation as well. My personal opinion is that moderation is key, if you become addicted or if you abuse it (use it too much) then you will experience withdrawal symptoms. I personally use it with moderation for relaxation and for pain relief and I believe that it can be used as an alternative therapy, although more research should be done and people need to know that you can get addicted to it just like any other substances.

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